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    jose elias

    Hi again

    I found some picture of former Hadag “LICHTWARK” now “VISTADOURO”

    I have already contacted the Owner in order to know if the boat is still navigating in the Douro River our Oporto Wine region. I hope so

    I’m going to try to put here some pictures.

    als Antwort auf: VOLKSDORF (1956) #78792

    jose elias


    I’m sorry but I don’t speak German, and the automatic translation is not very good, so I will write in english.

    I’m trying to trace de ships:

    Hadag “Sülldorf” [1959-1978]Hadag “S.Pauli” [1978-1996]Transtejo ” S. Paulus” [1996- present day] (I have the information that it is at dock Nr. 13 at Cacilhas harbour in the south bank of the river Tagus. it makes touristic trips in the river during summer time. At least, till the 6 August last year 2011. I have already asked the company to confirm this and give me permission to take photos.I was informed that he got some modification to serve as tourist boat. I’ll check it out.

    Hadag “Pöselldorf” [1960-1996]Transtejo “Trafaria Praia” [1996-Present day] (I have the information that he is in the same dock as S. Paulus. The engine was taken off to the S. Paulus, but there is a project going on, at this moment to recover the ship.For the moment they can’t give any more information and they are not sure if I can take pictures of it)

    I’m waiting an answer from the company owner. As soon as I get some news I’ll let you know.

    I’m trying to track another one the Hadag “Lichtwark” [1928?-1977], Transtejo “Castelo” [1977-1989], Douro Azul “VistaDouro”[1977-present day]. This one if still exists is not here in Lisbon but in the Douro river at Oporto in the north of the country. If I succed I’ll inform you.

    I keep looking for the drawing lines of the Marvila as I want to make a scale model of it, but the company seems to have lost the plans, as the ship has been sold out to scrap, so they say.


    Jose Elias

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